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Cincinnati winters can be brutal, and Thomas & Galbraith knows that furnaces are a must- have when the temperature drops. For those looking for a furnace replacement, we offer Carrier® furnaces, the best and most energy-efficient furnaces available on today’s market. Carrier, works to stay on top of what’s hot in energy-saving heating and cooling technology such as HYBRID HEAT®. We can recommend a Carrier furnace to fit your home—and your budget.


Choosing your heating system

A furnace is a significant investment—and not nearly as much fun as picking out a new car! But unlike a sleek car, the right furnace can pay for itself over time through energy savings. How much time depends on the type of system you choose.


How a furnace works

The search for the right furnace can be confusing, and we know that it’s important to understand how furnaces work so you can make an informed decision. Your furnace heats by pulling cool, indoor air into the furnace and heating it before redistributing that warmed air back into rooms through heating ducts. Most furnaces today rely on only natural gas, oil, and electricity, and they each have differences in operation.


Natural gas furnace

With a natural gas, forced air heating system, gas is mixed with air and ignited inside the furnace’s combustion chamber. An air blower pulls cool air from the rooms through air ducts in the furnace. The air is heated when it passes over a heat exchanger connected to the combustion chamber. Warm air flows back into rooms through heating ducts.


Oil furnace

An oil furnace atomizes its fuel, or turns it into a fine mist, and then burns it. Air absorbs the heat in the exchanger and a blower sends the warm air back into the room through heating ducts.


Electric furnace

This type of furnace uses a blower to force air directly onto electrically-heated coils. The warm air is distributed through heat ducts. These units can be used with heat pumps or central air conditioners.




*Valid on Carrier® 80% efficiency furnace (up to $1,069) when purchased in combination with a high-efficiency a/c or heat pump. $1,069 discount can be applied to other select models. Some restrictions apply. See dealer for details. Rebates, credits & financing vary by model. Financing with approved credit. Minimum monthly payment required. Interest accrues at the time of purchase unless paid in full during promotional period. For regular term purchases, APR is based on US prime rate and is subject to change. 0% financing options up to 60 months. Customer responsible for filing utility rebates if applicable. All coupons must be presented at time of service. Cannot be combined with other discounts. Must be in service area. Not valid on previous purchases. Not valid on commercial or construction projects. HVAC License #:HV28858 Plumbing Lic. #:PL28858